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Selling Forum Signatures ?
I have seen people selling their forum signature at Digitalpoint forum. I saw several years old thread which shows some people withe 10k posts selling their signature for 100 USD per month ! Now it's more like 10$ - $50 per month per link.

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What about other forums ? Have you tried this method ?

What about PD signatures ? Can we sell it ? Big Grin
Yeah I don't think we have here any rules against it. But I have seen so many forums do not allow members to sell their signature space.

I have another question. Can Google see this as another form of linking buying / Selling ?

Heart ~ Heart
So far I don't have any rule like that. But there are good site and also bad site about signature buying and selling.

I do not think Google would might about this. Yes doFollow signature link selling and buying would be same as link buying and selling but signature links are really low quality links. It won't help a lot for SEO or link building.

But there is a upside too. Signature links can be work as great indexer. If you buying a signature from a member with great number of posts lets say 1000, So you will get Google spider from at least 500 posts. If the guy post 5-10 posts per day this will be super cool for indexing new sites.
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