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How to get unlimited Facebook fans and Likes
I read about this method in BlackHatWorld forum and posted by a member not anymore there (banned). It's a method which can get you traffic and I think will work for some niches like adult and related things also cosmetics and female related things depending on who you target.

Don't use your personal account for this. Never use your personal account for any kind of experiment or even for getting traffic. Keep it separate. You need to use a separate account for this.

It has to be female account since that's where you can get most of your success. You will need some provocative photos too but don't over do it. No nude stuff. Also remember to use real like name. You can't change this name unless you do the phone verification. It's better if you do phone verification because less chance to loose your account. These days you can buy a Phone verified FB account for less than $5 in some places like Fiverr.

Search FB for "add me" You will find some groups which let you post a comment asking to "add me". With a good photo/s you will start getting friends and will have more than 1000 in 2-3 weeks. You can get more but go slow.

Join various groups and add comments in posts. Make sure to keep status "offline". Or this will be troublesome

Once you have 1000 (maybe 500) friends you can activate "Follow" option so people can follow you no need everyone to add.

You share things from your other pages now. There are so many ways to monetize this and also send traffic.

There are many more faster methods to get members/Likes/comments from bots and scripts but those methods are also high risk. If you want to try those then do it in separate project with new set of accounts. You don't want to loose everything same time.
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