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SEO getting harder ?
Is it getting harder and harder ? I'm so fedup with all these things we need to do like crazy link building. If content is the king why on earth those who make great and unique content has to contest with all spammers to win a place in Google search ? Seriously we loose against spammers.

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It's always a game between Google and webmasters and spammers. More and more Google come up with new sets or rules and algorithm changes. Spammers adapt and webmasters has to adapt too. Yeah it's getting harder to rank with usual ways but methods always change. This is why it's better focus on Social traffic. If you get it right and setup a nice pipeline you don't need to bother about Google at all.
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An old thread but I guess I should chip in too. Now you can say SEO is even harder if you plan rank with pure spam. Blasting loads of black links at your site no longer works. It does more harm than any good. I think now you can stay Content is clearly the king. Good content can beat blacklinks anytime anyday now.

Black links are now the secondary thing in my opinion.

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