Full Version: If Your Application is Rejected
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Now, this is something that happens to Amazon Associate Applicants quite often. But they let you reapply again. So it's not the end of the world. If you are rejected, the first thing to do is find the reasons for that. Usually, you can find one or a couple of reasons in the mail they sent you with the bad news. I'll try to list all common reasons for Amazon to reject applications.

01. If you applied with a social site then you do need to have 500 followers. This is the most common reason.

02. Your FB group has to be an open / Public Group

03. You haven't shown Disclaimer in the proper place. For a group it's should be in the description.

04. You can't display product prices.

05. Should Not use images from Amazon Product places. It's not allowed.

06. If you are showing Promos with expiration dates, you must remove these after the expiry.

07. Posting Amazon affiliate links in groups / Pages not belongs to you.

08. Using Amazon Trademarks in your group name / URL / Header banner etc.

09. whenever/wherever you post an Amazon link you need to show clearly it's an affiliate link. So in Social media posts need to have hash tags like #Ad #PaidAd #AfffiliateLink etc.