Full Version: Forum Rules
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Very Important thing to remember is none of us are official reps of Amazon or any other company or program. So whatever advice you take, its a good idea to double check. Specially, when it comes to Amazon Associates Program.

General Rules

  • No Personal attacks or offensive language use.
  • Some boards have their own specific rules. Make sure you read those too before post in those boards.
  • Always read Board specific rules before you post. (If There are any)
  • URL shorteners and/or any kind of view/click/watch ad or complete survey type of links are not allowed in threads/posts
  • You can use your referral links but always mention it's a referral link.

Signature Rules

  • You need 10 posts before using signature
  • Can use upto 6 links
  • No Adult or Warez site links in signatures
  • 3 Lines Max
  • Normal standard font sizes.