Want to Earn Money with Amazon But Have No Clue

So there are many who has this problem. They want to earn from Amazon but doesn’t have a clue about it. Many want to do it because they have seen those TicTok videos or Youtube videos about getting  dirty rich with Amazon Associate Program. So lets break down things you need to know, if you want this  to work.

01. First you need to learn what’s reality. Because most of you have gotten a beautiful dream about how to earn money without doing much. Because those TicTokers and Youtuber create a beautiful illusion about it.  Yes ! 1000’s of people earn money from Amazon Associate / influancer programs. This is very true. But, it’s not an easy process. So read the post below so you know what are you getting into, Good, Bad and Ugly.

02. Next is Understanding these 2 programs. There is Amazon Associate Program and There is Amazon Influencer Program. First you have to find out which one works for you or willing to go for both.

03. So if you have decided to which one works for you now you need to learn about applying process. It’s simple but many get simple things wrong and get their application rejected.  So lets make sure you know how to get this done.

04. Almost 99% of those who apply for these programs don’t bother reading the Terms of services. This is where people get all messed up for first time.  There are ton of rules, what do to and not to do which you must know.  Many get denied their applications because of this.

05.  I have applied for Amazon But I haven’t got any sales, Why I don’t get any sales?

If you have  read all these articles then you should have a good idea how it works. Keep reading more. You have to learn so much and there is no ending because everything keep changing. Now you should know Amazon Associate program is for you or not.

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