What is Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates Program is the Affiliate program of Amazon, which is one of the largest online retailers out there. Once you are joined and approved, they let you create links which can be used in your websites or certain social profiles. When some one click through your link and buy products, You can earn small percentage. Now the cool thing about this is nearly everyone in US use Amazon.  Also you earn commission for everything they buy once they go through your link, not just the product link is about. Commission rate is pretty low though. For most of the products it’s around 1% – 4%. Also they do have quite complicated terms of services and guidelines.

Amazon Associates Program  and Amazon Amazon Influencer Program

These are 2 different programs. If you become Amazon Influencer you will be automatically taken into Associate Program. But Amazon Associates have to apply for the Influencer Program and get approved. Associates program is for Affiliates who will promote products on Websites and approved social media profiles. You can use multiple sites/ profiles and use links in different places.  Influencer Program is for those who have a good size active follower base on popular social media platforms. They lets you create a
page on Amazon with a personalized URL which is called Storefront. You can only post products there.

Different Amazon Sites ?

You know there are different Amazon sites like Amazon.com, Amazon.ca etc. Yes each Amazon site has it’s own Associates program. Means you have to sign up for each. Like if you register Amazon.com that doesn’t mean yo will get into automatically to Amazon.ca or Amazon.co.uk. Each of these programs have some of their own different rules too depending on the country.

Signup for Amazon Associate Program.

You need to have either your own website (Blogspot sites count too) or some certain social media profiles. If you apply with a website then make sure it looks professional and  have lots of unique content. Often they reject applications for sites which look like made for Amazon or have very little content. So if you want to Apply Amazon Associate Program with a website then make sure it’s content rich.

Apply with a Social Profile is little bit complicated. As for Amazon.com, You can apply with Youtube, Facebook pages, Groups or with verified Twitter accounts. You need have minimum of 500 followers to apply. Plus there are so many basic rules to follow.


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